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sitting by an enourmous pool, sweating my tits off (since I don't have balls to sweat off.)
went to bed early, had stress dreams about work all night. Fun.
Was hit on by an older man with rhumy eyes while walking the mall acoss the street. Tried to be polite but distant. Man was trying to pull people for tours. Was nothing personal, just his job.

Getting better at two finger typing with the touch.

Exhausted, want to be home with my dog and friends now.
flight is at 5:15.

Tired of putting on the show for these people.

Was pointed out yeasterday that I've turned into a "D" personality. I blame my clients, and hate this fact. That a client referred to me in a general meeting as a "leader... Err... Dictator..." was telling and stinging. Not my fault no one else was stepping up to the leader plate.

Want dog and pies and pumpkins and leaves now.

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typing on itouch even wierder.
big fingers,little keys.

a) do not slice your finger open.
b) do not sliceyour finger open in Mexico
c) if you insist on doing b, have the mini bar and superglue handy
d) me? Knowing anything about it personally? Naaaaw. All I'm saying there's no way in heck anyone was taking me anywhere for stiches.

It's been an experience...

- k.
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and I{m useing a spanish keyboard. it{s fucked up. they{ve moved a lot of the keys around. I{ll let you guess which ones.

so yea, still working. client just left. note to self, bill for...mon: 17.5 hours, tues: 15.5 hours.
this paycheck better rock my damn casba. because it{s paying for those spiffy boots i got this past War.

Cancun is interesting. I haven{t been unchained from the resort much, but what I have seen has been interesting. Anyone know if this place has been nailed by any hurricanes in the last.. 4 years or so_ there{s an inordinate number of huge gutted sky0rise type buildings ' giant concrete skeletons, looming empty and desolate against the asure sky. it{s interesting.

The people here and also interesting. Everyone{s very freindly, and much of the population is bilingual, so the experiance so far has been for me very much like being in Miami. (shrug)

I know a number of you got to hear my whining abotu how I really didn{t want to be here. I{m really sorry about that. it is cool, it is very nice, and I have no right to bitch about it.
I realize now that the reason I don}t like these things is because it feels wrong that I should be sent to these things. That if I{m going to be treated to such, well, opulence, that I{d really like to share it with someone, or some ones. Here in lies a problem though ' I}m not the same person while at work, and the one time I did try to sahe my good fortune with someone it was a pretty miserable disaster. on business trips, I have a hard time figuring out when to shut off Work Kragore and kick in Life Kragore. It{s easier for me to deal with the coworkers if I remain in Work Kragore mode the entire time I{m here.

anyway. wish I had a camera, maybe an update tomorrow.

' K.
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Hey there all -
Uploaded some pictures from Puerto Rico (yea, yea, last year, but at least I've gotten around to it.)

- k.
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I have to say, right off the bat, Mexico has been a pleasant surprise. )
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Finished Catch 22 last night.
Still digesting it.

Nately and the Chaplin made me cry, I identified quite a bit with Yossarian, and Orr reflected my desire to persevere, grab a raft, and make my own luck.

At work today, not productive At All.
Need to go home, do some freelance.
Bake an apple chrisp.
Pack to go to Canada. (Forgot that I'm going to Canada this thurs-fri. Fabulous.)

Feeling chronically fatigued.
- k.
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Puerto Rico is full of lizards. Cute little thippy-tounged lizards. I did not bring one home in my luggage, even though one did try to make his home in my bathroom.

Going from fall weather (ApplesLeavesPumpkinsOhMyGodPie) to Summer (LizardsBathingSuitsSarongsSunscreen) back to fall weather (DearChristItsColdHere) it really disorienting.

Having the dog fall all over himself with joy that you're home is priceless.

The meeting part of the meeting was good. Only one weak presentation. Sadly, it was from the head of my department. It's hard to cut a 3 hour branding presentation to 45 minute and wedge it in before people's tee-time. Unfortunately, it did weaken our death grip on the brand in some people's eyes. But that's where the gatekeeper (that's me, Hi,) comes in with my righteous sword and board of brand compliance.

Most coworkers respected my "me time". I know that the others will view this as me being cold and aloof. That's fine with me.

Sitting in a hot tub, under palm trees, at 9:30 at night, listening to the waves was awesome.

Old San Juan was cool in a tiny-cobblestoned-roads, lots-of-rum-in-the-drinks kind of way. I got to see both forts, which was neat.

When the activity I choose told me it was going to be a Tour, I expected a tour, not a car driver who would kick us out every so often at places of interest. I was expecting more culture, less... stupid touristy crap.

The food was kinda Ehh. Did try lots of different things, and I can't say that I fell in love with any of them. Fried plantain chips weren't bad. The desserts were pretty good. Service was slower than molasses on cold day in January. Tried to put my New England "Must.Have.It.Done.NOW!" mentality on hold, but the waiting got extreme.

Tried to sleep a lot. Been unnaturally tired lately. The bed at the hotel was onto a white puffy fabulous dream cloud. Yay, featherbeds!

Not having access to technology for almost a week was also disorientling, but not in a bad way.

Having KE come down to join me was the awesome.

Now for laundry and bed.
- K.
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Travel crap... )
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It's a long story, but I'm going to England and Scotland for 10 days in March of '08 as HorseChaser's keeper, on a college-sponsored tour designed for art and history appriecation!

It's not cheap, but it's 90% inclusive, and hell, it's a *Tour*, designed by a *Professor*, of England and Scotland!

Good thing I just got my passport!
- K!


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