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The situation:
Our intrepid graphic designer has been sent to Florida - a land of temperature extremes and golf greens. She has held hands, and wrung hands, and only bitten the hand off one person, but they really had it coming.
She's worked three 16 hour days, and she's really rather cooked.
She is Phat, and over exposed to the evil ball of fire for her pastey taste.

She finds, on the third day, she has an event to attend at night, which requires she to get gussied up. OK, she thinks, we're cool - I have the dress and the shoes. Win! Let's just take a shower and shave and get the grinning over with.

And it is at this point she realizes she didn't bring a razor.
It has been 4 days since she's shaved.
Both dresses she has to choose from are sleeveless.

So, does she:

a) Not shave, and risk giving the fashionista police (coworkers) bait.

B) Not shave and refuse to care.

iii) Go to the front desk/gift store and see if they happen to have a razor kicking around (costing precious minutes she doesn't have.)

4) Realize she has a brand spanking new package of 15 razor-sharp exacto blades in her bag from the day's event....

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I need the font from the board game "Clue."

You'd think it would be easy, considering it's a san serif, chunky bold font.
But it's got some angles on it that make it distinctive, and it's driving me nuts.

This shouldn't be this hard to find, so if any of you font addicts (yes, Illustrator, I'm looking at you,) already have this font, please, I only need 4 letters!

You guessed it,- U, E, C and L.



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