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Got to List practice despite heavy rains last night. Things are starting to come together. (SlideShiftThrow) and (SlideStepShiftArcDropThrowstep)

This is what I've learned:
I learned a quick and easy way to Win Hearts and Minds, and it doesn't even involve booze. Must talk to His-ness about this.
Seeing the other guy HELPS. A LOT.
Legs need more armor at the thighs, and around back a little further. Maybe the arming coat will help this a bit. Yay plates.
Some kind of calf/shin guard might be in order, just for protection.
Paintballer's kneepads are working well under the legs.
I'll be a lot more comfortable when I'm in "my own" stuff. The cuirass I'm using is made for a man about 50lbs heavier and 6" more around the chest than me.
The new arms are great with one cavet - the left arm forearm is slightly too long (like .25") and digs into the inside of my elbow when using a shield. Have to figure out a fix for that.
Strap that I put on borrowed shield is about a .25" to snug when wearing the full getup. (My single handed guesstimations were close, but no granades.) I'm hoping that with use it'll relax a little.
I like the gorget collar I've been borrowing, but it's enourmous on me. In the process of making my own.

I HAVE GOT to change the way the chinstrap is rigged. I don't know how, but it's got to change. I've not had a problem with it up until this point, but last night, I got a touch of the claustrophobia as I went to take it off and found I couldn't. I've never had that happen to me before, and I have to say, for about 5 seconds it sucked pretty hard, but I kept my head, got the sucker off, and was fine. Trying to wiggle my fingers up in there to find that tiny little slide buckle is not the most freindly way of doing things. And in this case, when I have a steel bucket strapped to my head, user-freindly is key.

A little sore today, a little worse for the wear, (yay, fighter candy!) but I'm off to yoga.

What I really want to do is have a glass of red wine or three, go eat a good rare steak and crawl off to sleep it off like a python, but no, I'm going to yoga.

- K.

On fire

Mar. 11th, 2010 10:52 am
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Well, hello there, my old freinds. Oh, I know, we haven't talked in quite a while, you and I. Settled into a routine, largely based around sitting on my ass, yes, and that resulted in little communication with the rest of ya'll. Oh, granted, there was quite a bit of dog walking in there, at least until my other friends, the feet, when to hell.
But here we are! Time to shake off that layabout dust, because we have a new routine now. It involves a lot of stuff, specifically getting smacked around a lot on Tuesdays, and then attempting to stretch it all out again on Wednesdays.
Yes, Shoulders. I hear you griping, but for now you're going to suck it up, accept my offering of nifty blue orbs, and be quiet. And you, Knees? Take a play out of Shoulder's book and zip it.


Got to the Tuesday night Millbury heavy list practice, and what an absolutely lovely group of friendly people. Social circles collapsed, and new people were met, and old people were re-met. I was strapped into some of my own stuff, but mostly loaner gear, and recieved a very light first lesson on "how to hit, how to get hit, and how to die gracefully in service to the Crown". I was having a pretty good time, but I really need to get into stuff that fits. The best part was the "how to die" part of the lesson, mostly because it was at the end, and I was laying on the floor. :)
This did serve to teach me that Meta's shield Just Won't Do, unless I want to go sledding on it or build a boat out of it. I have to start smaller and lighter unless I want real issues with the shoulder going forward.

Last night I went to yoga, since I wasn't feeling much yet. Figured I'd better strech everything out that I woke up the night before. Hooray, relaxing yoga. There was only one pose that I could see being comfortable, but the minute I was in it, things went a little sideways. Instant headache, and my body started muttering "This is not Right, I demand you stop Immediately. Anything is preferable to this." but I stuck it out. Still a little headachy today, but nothing that can't be cured with the happy blue orbs.
Pretty sore, babying the gatorade, but this is good. For the forseeable future, Tuesday will be had in Millbury, and Wednesdays will be had at yoga.

I highly encourage others to join me at either or both!


Oct. 7th, 2009 11:46 am
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I'm yoga-ting tonight at the usual place in westborough if anyone wants to join me.
- k.

*Edit* - Headache, sore feet and the fact that I was starving changed that. Next week though, fer shure.


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