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Beats me. I already wear men's clothes, work in a once male-dominated field, play a male-dominated sport, and enjoy beer and scotch over wine and umbrella drinks.
I guess I wasn't the demographic for this question...
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I have had:
Rocket - Geo Prism
The Purple Cow - Ford Taurus
The Green Dragon - CRV
Lucifer - 1st computer
Lucifer 2 - 2nd computer
Isildur - Current Mac Book, was also name of 1st ipod, sent to Iraq
Boromir/Faramir - Current duel-drive work computer (tech guys giggle when they have to work on it.)
Theoden - Current iTouch
Spite - A project from college
- k.
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My surname is.. unique.. in the states.
It is spelled "gwozdz", and my family has always pronounced it "ga-voosh". There is a separate branch of the family that pronounces it "gu-watts" (which drives me a little nuts.)
Apparently, in Poland (where it comes from) it's pronounced differently still, but my clumsy american tounge can not wrap around it.

Rather than mispronounce it, I've had my name stop teachers, professors and telemarketers in their tracks. They see the z's, and their brains can not compute. They start off saying "gahhh....." and it just trails off into silence.
It's awesome, and while it can be a giant pain in the neck, I don't know that I'd ever change it.

- k.


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