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Left friday night for the great state of ME. )
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It was a crazy weekend, full of giant dumpsters, scraping wallpaper and stacking firewood.
It was deliciously exhausting.

Helped my dear with his house. Uncovered door mouldings from 1924. Going to push for him to refinish rather than replace them. Only issue there is the layers of paint over the very pretty wood. Yay, sanding. We also discovered that there's hardwood floors under the ass ugly linolium. Going to see about getting them refinished. Shu_Al, Darth Crone, and Garou all threw their hands into the fray with the wall-distroying, peeling and puttering, and so are all now certified Tools. ;-)

After Saturday's purge of the house, my dear and I went into town to see Warren Miller's Higher Ground. (
We were exhausted; it was awesome. If you are into extreme sports, skiing, snowboarding, basejumping, even "sport skipping", really neat filmmaking, and cool soundtracks, this is a really cool gig. If you haven't seen it this year, you probably won't - it's already moved onto it's next city.

*(Between the purging and the movie-ing, there was bridal showering, with excellent food, and lots of fun people. I even got to herd them out the door. Indigo looked very happy, so all was right with the afternoon.)*

Sunday was filled with more scrapey-goodness, and then a break to stack firewood with the Catherd's. There was firewood and steak, it was a good thing. Then back in the car and to home, where, for a few hours, there was blissful sitting. Woo!

Illustrator is not here today. I took the cosmic hint and wore my fuzzy wool sweater. :)
For a while it was painfully quiet, but now, I must go entertain the phone...

- k.


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