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There's white frozen bunny bits drifting around the mountains out in Rohan, so says the Mama Bear.

Just sayin'. :)

- K,
longing for a frickin' wood stove.
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a) For all you Westfordites - I'm looking for new places to walk the dog where we aren't going to get mowed down by some idiot zipper-head doing 80 on 'Rica's roads. We make the Vet's park in 'Rica a regular stop, but with soccer and school, the park isn't as dog friendly anymore. ("Soccer Bud" Mr McWoofyPants is not. He'd likely stealz all their ballz.)
I've also noticed he likes to explore, (as do I.) He gets bored if we go to any one place too often.
That said, I'm not to far from the Westford area - Can anone tell me where there are some nice trails or open areas to walk the golden child?

b) My little brother is a freshman. 'Tis right of passage that he should attend the most midevil mall on earth... err, rather, King Dick's. I know, I know, there are much better faires out there, but for time and convience sake's, I think King DIck's it will have to be. Are there any plans this year for a throbbing horde to decend?

c) Where the hell did summer come from again? I was just getting nice and used to that fall thing we had going on...

- K.
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not much to say, other than it's warm out. When I'm warm, i don't like to eat, so it's been dry ceral for me.
Ceral pales in comparison to the calimari that the perky lady is making on the Food Porn Channel.
Damn Her.

I never thought I'd say it, but one can not exist on icecream alone.

got a lead on a couple of jobs. We'll see if anything pans out.


- k.


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