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I worked hard.
I played hard.
I fought hard.
I cried hard.
I laughed harder.
I lived and loved and experienced life hard.

In the supermarket last night, browsing the milk, acutely aware of the empty space to my side, I came down hard.

It was war.
My experience can not be tidily summarized in a few paragraphs.
It is in my mind as snapshots in time -
In Oaken Glen's Shower Pit, realizing that if I stopped moving I was going to fall asleep Right There,
Up to my elbows in dish water at O'Choda, merrily splashing away making bubbles for no other reason than to make bubbles,
A long ride to Ohio for a fridge, (struggling to stay awake and failing miserably),
one blissful long afternoon under the trees in a hammock, falling asleep to the dulcet sounds of drunken FizzBall,
Quiet evenings with a lovely glass of port and quieter conversation,
watching the magic of the place wash over new faces,
being so bone tired not even remembering how I got to bed,
long solitary walks in the dark, surrounded by people and yet utterly alone,
and being presented a gift and promise that took my words, my heart, away.

It was not an easy war. It was not a vacation in a mundane sense. It was not relaxing.
It was bigger, greater, and far more robust than anything before. Vacation is to War as water is to port.

I sit and sip my smokey tea out of my war mug, and remember you all fondly, and try to remember what my name is.
- K./V./S.

Yay, rain.

Aug. 25th, 2006 09:57 am
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What a beautiful rainy cold morning.
I still freaked out a little last night, with a primal "ohNoNoNo, notRAIN!MakesThingsWetandLeak!" response, but I sat and just watched it and listened to it for a while, and got better.
I can have my hot tea and enjoy it!
I've closed the windows, and remained comfortable while blocking out all the stupid noisy loud traffic!

I'm actually modivated today... Hoping to get a solid 4 hours into the sportsman's journal site, and then I can throw myself a bone and put in a nice solid two-three hours of chart/table design before going to see Superman again tonight.
(Citgo sat me down to watch the origional movie last night. No, I'd never seen it before. Please stop gasping like that.)

I've discovered how much I've been missing "real" design, now that I'm working on a tech doc.
Gracious gods of all that is good, give me a tech doc over a website anyday...

But until Superman, work.

- k.
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It's nearing the end of August. )
In short:
Not relaxed,
Car still runs,
War's still hell,
Man still thinks I'm nifty,
I'm still unemployed,
and now I'm hungry.

- k.
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I woke up to the sound of rain this morning, as the window was open.
In my sleep, I started panicing.

Rain Bad!
Rain Wet!
Rain make Tent Leak!
Rain make Tent wet for packing!
Wait... Sleeping on nice bed...
Something warm in my bed...
At home.
Home good.
Home no leak.
Tent safe.
Home dry.
Man Warm.

Happy warm dry me.
- k.
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because I have to keep track... )


Aug. 3rd, 2006 10:24 am
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1.5 days.

1.5 Days!

IEEEEE!!! MUST PACK MORE! Must find all my stuff! IEEE! IEEEEEEEE!
I'm going to forget something! I'm going to get lost! I'm going to lose my marbles!
(oh, wait, I know exactly where my marbles are. NOT HERE!)

*Muppets off to pack in a whirling could of dust.*

- k.
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... I think this tent is bigger than the appartment...

All poles are accounted for, as are stakes, guy lines, and the rain fly.
I'm not brave enough to try to unroll it without someone to help around.

Yay, tent!

Worse comes to worse, I now have a protable place to live.

- k.

The. Fuck.

Jul. 31st, 2006 02:28 pm
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Are you fucking serious?
You expect me to take this AssCraptacular logo and creat a professional website around it?

Are you on the good crack?

You must be on the good crack.

And if you ARE on the good crack, I want some too, because there's no way in bloody hell I can take some 8th grader's version of My First Logo By Tomy and plug it into the design I've already started because the LOGO BLOWS GOATS.
Not even little goats.
Big, bloated, plague-riddled goats.

This has got to be the worst logo I've ever been sent.
It would be better if they had no logo at all, rather than try and pass off this... this... act of malicious logo desecration... as a "logo."

But my tent just came, so I'm going to go sooth my savaged nerves with tent poles.

- k.
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Pennsic Travel Plans:
(as far as I know)

I shall be kissing my love goodbye at Ass-Crack O'Clock on the 5th.
There will be lots of driving. We will stop when we stop, sleep when we sleep, and continue the next day.

We will arrive on the 6th when we arrive on the 6th.

- k.

***Addition -

I really love the fact that we can track packages online now.
My tent went from TN, to VA, to CT, and is now in Shrewsbury. Yay!

- k.
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You should give this a good read:

What they don't mention is it's super-easy give yourself heatstroke in the tub too...

I was living alone in the Crack Haus when I thought it would be a good idea to take a nice hot bath.
It was cool and clammy out (end of september?), so I jumped in and tried to relax.

What I didn't realize was that I was effectively stewing myself.
And not in a funny way.

About 15-20 minutes into the bath, I started not to feel so good.
I was Very Disoriented.
I stood up and showered off using gradually cooler water, (not cold, probably the only thing that saved my sorry hide.)
At this point, vision was starting to get patchy.
I remember vaguely getting out of the shower, throwing up violently, and waking up wet and naked on the blessedly cool tile kitchen floor.
No, I never saw a Dr. No, I never went to the hospital, (mostly because I couldn't get myself there.)

And if I watched myself do it all over again, I'd be the first to kick my own ass.

Ever since then, I've been very touchy about heat.
I'm not a big fan of hot tubs. In fact, I'm not a big fan of baths.
I notice heat a lot more quickly, and notice I get heat stressed a lot more easily.

So don't ignore your body.
Heat is not something you want to mess around with.

- k.
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...nd so it shall come to pass that shortly I shall own one of these:

(you will probably have to cut/paste the link.)

- k.


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