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I'm going to get my alt-winter groove on.

In Worcester at 8. I'm betting a few tix are still available.

- K.
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Folks have a goodly covering of white stuff on the ground out at home. Mom wrote to say it felt more like January yesterday than October, what with the wind and the snow. They are hunkering down with the woodstove and some good books. They are closeing schools out in the Hills of NY because they are expecting 12-24" of snow in the Catskills.
Huh. I knew there was a reason my inner bear was bellowing at me to go hibernate.

I will be out that way this weekend getting my bear on, so if anyone needs anything from Rohan, let me know.

- K.
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So, my boss, SuperDave has left for the day. Left at noon for a ski trip to NH. Yay for him.
Before he left, he said "play this afternoon by ear, and drive safe."

You see, The Four Letter Company never. ever. closes. I think it would literally take one of the buildings on fire before they would let those people go home officially. Everyone else in other buildings gets to keep plugging along. Since I don't tend to do things unofficially, this presents a problem for me.

My secondary boss, LeFrench, never even came in today.

But still, I won't leave. I find myself bitterly embroiled in the game of "More Dedicated than You" that I didn't even sign up for, that two other specific co-workers play. And if I do leave early, they will be the first to ferret it out to LeFrench. Not that LeFrench cares, but I don't want to give them fodder.

So I'm sitting here, posting a journal entry.

The snow is pretty, and as I sit here, I can here The Russian tap tap taping away on her computer, diligently at work, I'm sure. In the distance, The Brazilian is yammering away in Portuguese on the phone. I say yammer, not because I can't understand her, but because of the tone. She has a yammering tone. I suppose it's all very important, but she has the ability to make it sound absolutely frivolous.

To my right, Account Guy John is trying to coerce some materials over the US/Mexican boarder. Illegals have a freaking cake walk compared to trying to get products out of the US and into MX. Even worse is Brazil. From what I hear, just don't bother trying to export anything to Brazil. I don't even ship graphics there. I just email them the files and pray their printers don't suck ass.

And that's it. In a sea of 75+ cubes. The tap tap tap of me on the keys, The tap tap tap of The Russian, the yammering of The Brazilian, and the pleading tones of Account Guy John.

I have just decided, I'm leaving at 4. Don't care who's left, I'm not going to play their little game. Besides, I have much cooler people I could be hanging out with.

The snow is awful pretty. Think I'm going to go get a cup of tea, and smuggle it back to my desk. Besides, there's no one here to tell me I can't.

Have a happy snowy day everyone, and travel safe.
- k.
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Shoveling- cheap, effective workout, long as you don't hurt yourself.
Noise - muffled.
Dog - gleeful, and it's a lot easier to wear him out. And it's funny to watch him chase phantom balls that vanish into the snow.
Hot Cocoa - The instant stuff doesn't ruin a diet.

I loves snow.

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