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Folks have a goodly covering of white stuff on the ground out at home. Mom wrote to say it felt more like January yesterday than October, what with the wind and the snow. They are hunkering down with the woodstove and some good books. They are closeing schools out in the Hills of NY because they are expecting 12-24" of snow in the Catskills.
Huh. I knew there was a reason my inner bear was bellowing at me to go hibernate.

I will be out that way this weekend getting my bear on, so if anyone needs anything from Rohan, let me know.

- K.
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Never underestimate the cleaning power of:
1 Quart of Hydrogen Peroxide
1/4 cup baking soda
1 Tbs dishwashing liquid

Cleans Coats! Cleans Dogs! Cleans the callouses right off your hands!

Poor Mr. McWoofyPants didn't realize quite how slippery the world was going to be once he was thoughly scrubbed from head to toe (and in between the toes.) It was funny to watch him skating across the kitchen floor once I finally unlocked him from the Room of Torture, err, rather the bathroom.

There's only the most faint odor left, and I think it's coming from Mr Woofy's mouth (where he tried, in vain, to clean himself) and from the stuffing of his dog bed (because I washed the cover.)

Yea. Chemical reactions for the win!
Now his skin is all dry and itchy though... any ideas? He's already on Vit. E.

In other news, no, there will be no open season declaired on the neighbors cows. (As tastey as it could be, they are all polled hereford/angus crosses.) Mostly because I don't want the asshole to have a reason to shoot back.

No, we will pursue getting it registered, but the trouble is figuring out how... a lot of websites refer to getting land in MA registered, but none tell you how to actually do it.
- K.
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1. Got new brakes and rotars in the front of the cow. Long story, but four benjamins later, the Cow stops again.

2. Helped neighbors put in 160 bales of hay with CarKiller. In 45 minutes. Got paid. WIN!

3. Helped Dad attach a few more parts onto the new hay wagon.

4. Shot at clay pigeons with Dad. We have a strange form of bonding. He actually hit one. I remembered what recoil was. I will be bruised.

5. Had a beer with Dad and tried to talk him out of putting a new roof on the decaying barn. Insinuated that Carkiller might have a clue, and that maybe he should listen to her. Also said that when two strong willed people unwilling to compromise get together, nothing gets accomplished. Dad can take a subtile hint, sometimes. Not sure if that one stuck.

6. Talked to my Himself. I am truely blessed by my bountiful good friends, and my very understanding, patient, yet completely off-kilter man. Makes me feel like I swallowed a puppy. (All warm and fuzzy inside.)

7. Speaking of puppy, BruNO says Hi to all. Slobberly.

- k.
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Just because I'm bound to love members of my family doesn't mean I have to like them very much.

Anyone got a quick cure for Depressed Passive-aggressive Anti-social Grumpy Old Man Yankee-ness? Because right now a swift kick in the ass is looking really appealing.

Or leaving and not coming back until he gets and additude adjustment.

- k.


May. 26th, 2006 10:07 pm
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Every time I leave my folk's place, I leave a part of my heart there.
Every time I leave the 495 belt, I leave part of my life there.

I can't understand how people can maintain multiple lives,
where the various parties never know of each other.

I find just these two exhausting.
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Had a very good weekend, full of very good and wonderful things. Lots of food, and seeing people and what not.
There was tacos and sushi, powerwashing houses and cosy video viewing. Fabulous.

Yesterday I had an interview, and is my luck, it was with very nice people. People who were very interested in my work, and thought I was spiffy. But the position was only going to be 30% design, so I was waffling even before I opened my portfolio. After that, it was all over.
Now, I've got a nice portfolio. Well rounded, even. But people see it and think it's gods gift to the design world, I become vastly over qualified, and as one of the dear nice ladies said, "Your talent would be wasted here."
Really, it's not *that* good. Ok, but not spiff-tacular. Maybe I wanted to waste my talent on you?
I dunno.

Anyway, I went from the "I don't think you're right for this position, but I know a person at a different company who has a position open, so I'm going to forward your resume on," interview to lunch. Yay, celebratory gyro in Fanuil, and then a sub-par cannoli. I should have gone for the ice cream. Oh well.
Then the 3.5 hours of driving so I could be in Rohan for my birthday.
Every year, Mom makes a big deal about how I'm not home on my birthday, and so she can't make me a cake.
Well, I get home at 7:30, no one's home but the dog. No cake.

However, there was, (upon inspection of the fridge,) a Happy Birthday King Crab Leg waving it's claw at me with a note taped to it to me from my father. "For the birthday girl"
Well, birthday crab leg it is then.

Eventually, people came home. Dog found it necessary to sleep on my feet.
So things really haven't changed.
Evidently roast beast and cake was moved to tonight so that everyone could be here.

Yay, cake!
- k.
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news cause I'm bored. )
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But the Catherd's lawn looks some much less like a woodlot, and more like a lawn now!
Huzzah, physical labor.

Going home to Rohan for the week. If you need me, those of you who need to know where to find me.

- k.
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There are some points in life where you have to simply put one foot in front of the other and firmly tell yourself to just keep moving forward.

Today is one of those days. )
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cut for space )

Happy Day

Apr. 15th, 2006 11:51 pm
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Happy bunny day, ya'll.

It's been a weekend, anyway. I'm all stoopid with the drugs trying to keep a headache at bay. It's kind of working.
I know I have a headache, I just can't form an opinion about it right now.

Going to fall down now.
Yay, falling down.

- k.
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Such was a time when an honest man, who worked and lived an honest life could look forward to living out his life at the home he had made.

"It makes me sick, babydoll. They're planting houses everywhere, on the tops of the hills and in the swamps. Everywhere thay can stick 'em as fast as they can. Why are they doing this all of a sudden?... just makes me sick."

"Your father's never lived more than 500 yards from here. What are we going to do? We won't be able to afford what they're talking about doing to this town. People who can afford to live in these high-end developments will take one look at our schools and laugh... and then make us build better ones.

Where are we going to go? We don't know anywhere but here. This is our home."

"There's got to be a way to make the land work for you so you don't have to chop it up for development..."
"You are your father's daughter..."
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Sirs, please, just understand,
once you divide and subdivide
and put up cookie-cutter "High-end" housing developments

Once the fields are rent and torn
once the foundations of these obease public displays of affluence are planted
like huge sores on our landscape
(I'm an individual! my garage is on the Left!)

once the wells have gone dry
because the land that fills ponds
can not handle filling swimming pools

They will never again be rolling fields
they will never again be forests.

Think long and hard before you turn the land
that has tried to provide for you and your family for so long
for a dollar

It is not her fault there is no respect for the farmer in this country anymore.

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The trip out to Rohan went very well.

Wednesday night, we went over to the Palace for a impromptu dinner party for the guy who never came home. We raised a glass in his name, and lamented his sad state of working over the holidays.
There was Norwegain Goat Cheese for all.

Thursday morning saw Citgo and I stuff a weekend's worth of stuff into the car and take off for Rohan at about 8 am.
Well, ok, 9 am.
To make dinner at 1 pm.
In Williamstown.
In a snowstorm.
We made it all in one piece, and food was had. This year marked a change for us, as the family went out for Thanksgiving dinner.
Mom was not satisfied, (especially at the great lack of leftovers,) so we had a second Thanksgivingses on Friday, (with just the family.) We made half a German Chocolate Cake for Citgo, as the 26th was his birthday, and he graciously accompanied me out to visit my family, on his birthday. The other half of the cake is a long story. (It only periferally involves BruNO.)

Friday was picture day, so us kids got dressed up and tormented each other in front of the camera. It was fun.

Saturday had us meeting up with some old friends from high school for lunch so I could get in the yearly gossip.
My best friend from elementary school got hitched in July. Doesn't seem that long ago we were sitting in her folks house, trying to get each other to snorf milk out our noses.

After lunch, Citgo and I meandered back to my folks house, were laden down with, (you guessed it,) leftovers, and we trudged home for a quiet evening on the couch.

Yesterday dawned, and with it brought a "surprise" brunch for Citgo, with his folks and the Acton/Summerville clan in attendance at The Living Room in downtown Boston. It was a really good brunch, with many of us trying the poached eggs over crab cakes (which I'd highly recommend.)
The chefs presented Citgo with a menu specialty - the Deep Fried Cheesecake, which I was able to sample, and.... wow! You could make a meal on that alone.

Afterwards, the company tried to go take him on a tour of Fenway, but most had to leave before the next tour time (at 3.) So we went to Game On!, had a beer and watched part of the miserable Pats game. At three, we parted ways from the group and Citgo and I went and got a short tour of Fenway Park (shortened because of construction.) It's fun to go on tours, even ones you've been on before. It's like watching re-runs of the history channel.

After the tour, we stopped at the Cask & Flagon for a beer and to just chat for a while. It was good, because while we spend a good amount of time together, it's usually very, very hectic, with things that need doing and people who need visiting. We have very little time to just be around each other without half a dozen other obligations clouding our schedule.

From the Cask, we caught a train back up to Gov't Center, puddled around Fanueil for a bit, and wound up popping into the Green Dragon for a brew and some chowder before going home. (They have very good chowder.)

A very good time was had by all.
Now I need nap.

- k.


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