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So I took a ride up to da 'Burg on Sunday to visit Little Brother. It was fun - we went out for sushi and then wandered around the mall. I picked up some button downs and a few pairs of pants, he got a new battery for his phone. Yep, us, living the high life.
Rounded out the day with soft-serve at Carol's Dairy Bar.

After I dropped him off, I thought to myself "Hey Self! We're in 'Burg! COMICS!!"
So I toodled down Fitch to the plaza that houses That's Entertainment, where I spent way too much money in my college years.

I was greeted by the gaping maw of soulless black windows that only an empty storefront can emanate.

Gasp! Shock! HORROR! Where will I get my four color crack?! Now that the itch is up, it must be scratched! Boarders and Barnes/Noble just will not cut it - the full blown geek is on at this point. I was starting to see CMYK dots when I noticed a little banner type thing running over the sign that was still up over the door. "We have moved..."

GLEE! Huzzah! Joy! I muddled my way down to the new location (much bigger, cleaner, better selection, now next to the CAP auto parts and ironically, the other side of Carol's Dairy Bar,) and grabbed a few things.

First, my own copy of Watchmen. I wanted a copy before they start producing them with all the "Now a Major Motion Picture!" crap printed all over it. Will sit down and reread soon.
When I got to the counter with it, Comic Book Guy asked "Have you ever read this before?!" with a tone that clearly reflected the thinking that because of my double X sequence, I was only in buying it because it's being made into a movie or my boyfriend wanted it. When I reassured him that yes, I've read it, and yes, I'm adding it *To My Collection* he seemed deflated that he couldn't go on extolling it's virtues.

Second, Issue 0 of No Hero. What would you do to be a super hero? Thought provoking. Art was good. I look forward to seeing where it goes. Since it was tax-free weekend, I got it for $.80.

Third, the first collected volume of Fell: Feral City. I like the artist's water-color style, and Ellis still tells a good, uncomfortable, creepy story. Again, looking forward to the second volume.

All in all, good haul. But because I don't live close enough to a comic store to make a weekly run, for the most part I avoided looking at the weeklys. Wouldn't likely recognize many of them any way. Better to stick with the collections.

So - What have you been reading? What have you enjoyed? What have you put down after 5 chapters and walked away from never to pick up again?
I'm curious.

- K.

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Jun. 26th, 2008 08:56 am
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a bit of musing on the subject of reading )


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