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Still have headache. Niggling in the background, just enough to let me know it's still there. Anyway, still have to get things done.

List. Because I like lists. )
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Arabic for "the Party" :-)

When: Friday night, August 1st
Where: O'Choda Camp, E-02

Please come and enjoy the hospitality of Clann O'Choda at our annual Hafla, to be held the first Friday evening of Pennsic after the grass has cooled. As the Prophet forbids alcohol, none shall be served or allowed during the Party. Drummers welcome, non-drumming musicians playing Eastern melodies especially welcome!
This year we ask that there be no flash photography which might sully the mood and atmosphere we wish to create. Please seek out Jaji if you have any questions.

Feel free to spread the word!

- Varju,
who's made the flight home reservations,
now just has to nail down exactly how she's getting there. :)
Yay, Logistics!
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Ch'eng-Huang = the chinese god of walls and ditches.

In other questions, I'm going to be at pennsic for an indeterminate amount of time this year.

Between Citgo and I, we have about 4 different modern tents for me to choose from.
(Citgo unloaded his period tent after his last Pennsic.)

I was wondering if anyone had anything a little more period than a Coleman Nylon that I could borrow? (or even anything not nylon.)
I promise I'd be good to it.

- k.
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At the very least, I'm driving the Haunted Bookshop to Pennsic.

From there, I have a few options:
a) stay two weeks
b) stay 1.5 weeks
c) stay 1 week
d) turn around, call a cab, hop a flight out of Pittsburg to MA, if by some fate I have a job I must attend to by then.

So there are options. I'll register with Cooper's a little later, but the decision to go visit western PA and watch the sun rise has been made.

- k.


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