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Getting to gather was a little stressful, due to the late and the cold, but once we arrived, the stress of the week melted away, and once again I was gathered into the fold among friends and family.
There was a wave of people I don't get to see nearly enough, but it makes the breif meeting even sweeter. Got to be regaled with stories of War from Torrin, esoteric historical facts from Cap't Elis, and many fabulous hugs from many fabulous people. And the food, dear gods, the food. I never worry about being hungry at an O'Choda event.
Brought Citgo along - Always a little stressful, introducing the guy to the family. I think it was easier introducing him to blood! But everything was well -my dear can engage a wall in convesation if need be, and there were far more interesting people to talk to present. He's got a working geek vocabulary, which made it even easier. I was told to bring him back by a few people, so that's a good sign. ;-)


I needed this weekend. Much like a plant needs water. My soul had run dry and I'd begun to come unraveled. I'm still no closer to an answer, but my heart is a little more... settled. My eyes are a little more clear. It's not about the goal, it's about the path, and as long as I remember this, things will be ok. Don't sweat the small stuff - things that bother me know I won't be able to remember in a month - I'll just have the lingering ulcer to remind me of how stupid it is to become upset over something rather inconsequential.


So now I'm going to go, and perhaps pet the cat, because I missed her this weekend, and watch Citgo play a snowboarding game, because I can, and do Nothing for a little blissful while longer.

Hope you all had a good weekend. I relish the though of sleeping in my own bed, but keep close to my heart the magic we find in out gatherings.

- k.


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