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I am the Keyholder, so I will be moving. North Grafton, of all places - 9 miles from work.
I'm considering a Vespa. Or I hear that Lionstar has a nice little bike for sale. :)

It will be a very soft move, for a number of reasons. I will not actually move the furniture needed to actually live into the new place until April sometime.
In the meantime, people keep asking, "gee Kragore, that's an unsightly pile of suck you've landed in, what can we do to help?"

I'll tell you a few things.
a) Make me a mix CD to keep my brain preoccupied. No lovey-dovey crap, please. I like bluegrass, folk and trad. celtc, but also things like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, so I'm pretty wide open to a range of music.

ii) I have an Amazon Wish list, is all I'm sayin'. It's just that, a wish list. I expect nothing, but some people have been insistent.

3) just, i dunno, say a few good words to you deity of choice for me. Lately I need all the mental support I can get.

That is all.
Good night.
- K.
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Anyone who feels like chatting while I wander about aimlessly, I mean " Pack", call for directions.

I'll be getting down there about 2ish, and will be there well into the evening. If you want to swing by later, give a call to make sure I'm still there.

- k.
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Tomorrow afternoon/evening, Thursday, I am going to try to pack up and move a great deal of my stuff from Hopkinton to Billerica.
I'm looking for help. Really, there isn't much there, it justs to be dumped in boxes (which I should find... hrmmm...) and transported up the highway.

If you're bored, and have nothing better to do, I'd love the company.
I can't afford beer or food for you, but you might just walk away with a door prize.

- k.


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