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(ok, I lied. Next post will be Fun with Lead.)

The populace spoke, and so I will be bringing a selection of citrus curds to Birka this weekend.
I made 2 batches of lemon last night, I will make two batches of lime, and may experiment with a batch of orange.

I was asked about the texture - It's like... Pudding meets marmalade.

Also, Curd and Marangue are natural allies - for one you need only yolks, the other, you need only whites.

Weekend movies:

Night at the Museum II:
I admit, I liked the first one. It was a fun concept. I was the kid who'd walk through the museum hoping that the stuffed critters could come to life, so it wasn't that far-fetched to me.
Really though, they should have left it at one. It's not that the second movie was bad, it just wasn't that good. The gimmick was exhausted - move along.

Man On Wire:
Documentary on the (batshit crazy) Frenchman who strung up a tight-rope and waltzed between the Twin Towers back when it was young. It was...enthralling. The dude is Cracked, but not in a malicious way. Interesting to watch how reaching this goal affected his relationships with the people around him.
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Yesterday, sitting on the couch, being sick, I got around to watching this movie I'd netflix'ed a little while back.

There are many movies that I've seen that I don not feel the need to ever see again. Pan's Labrinth. The Libertine.
Solid, good film making, but with stories that once consumed, leave a lingering, coppery taste.
I can add the anime "Grave of the Fireflies" to the mix.
Yes, it is a "cartoon". Anime, even, but with none of the fantasy that one usually associates with the genre.

It is the story of two children at the eve of WWII Japan, and the struggles they endure. It is a sad, haunting, and moving piece.

I would recommend it to adults, but this "cartoon" is NOT for children.

- K.
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I'm going to get my alt-winter groove on.

In Worcester at 8. I'm betting a few tix are still available.

- K.
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Maybe it's because I was just over there, maybe it's my affinity for the fantastic, but I loved this movie.

I think perhaps I had more invested, having not to long ago stood in Scotland's national war memorial, but I found this to be a very sweet story blending the tragic background of WWII era Scotland with the escapades of a young boys' new pet. The boy's trials and tribulations with the pet, and and he and his family's coming to terms with the insanity that surrounded them was gently and honestly done.

Remarkable CGI - I imagine this was great in the theaters.

Sad, but in the uplifting children's movie kind of way. Not ashamed that I snuffled a bit at the end.

Made me wish I was still over there.

- K.
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*Final Edit*
Yay Hollywood for confusing me.
2 kid's fantasies, 2 character's named Will, 2 time-spotty storylines. It was bound to happen.
"The Dark is Rising" looks to suck. Go see it at Apple Trailers. Cringe.
"The Golden Compass" (first of "His Dark Materials") looks definately Not to Suck.
Angry Armored Polar Bears! The trailer can be found at
Sorry for the confusion, - K.
*end final edit*

I love the series called "His Dark Materials" (Golden Compass, etc,) by Susan Cooper. It's a young adult fantasy with deep theological roots.
They were/are turning it into a movie, and I just heard the interview with the author on NPR. I had been looking forward to it.

I can't explain how *sad* she sounded talking about how they've "adapted" (re: gutted and americanized,) her book.
I can't wrap my head around the statements the director made, (the same guy who did "Trainspotting".)

I wanted to see it, but now I wish they hadn't made it.
WIll isn't British, (they made him American so he wouldn't be confused with Harry Potter.)
He also isn't 11, he's 13 in the movie, which, for anyone who's read the book, means there's going to be horrible plot mutilations. (There really was a good reason he was 11, you cocky director asshole.)

They've also changed the name 3 times now, (from "Dark Matter" to "The Seaker: Dark Matter" to "The Seaker")

There has been no mention of Laura, Pan and the Polar Bears.

I have a feeling I'm going to be completely and thoroughly disgusted by this adaptation. Which was sad, because Peter Jackson prooved you can (mostly) remain loyal to a story and still sell it.

- k.

**EDIT** - Having just watched the trailer - They may have used the name, but the story, (from what I can gleen from that steaming pile of pop-candy shlock,) isn't anything like the books I love.

Go read the books. Be irritated that they took what could have been a fabulous movie made it Dumb. Because they think the lowest common denominator is acceptable.


Aug. 26th, 2006 10:56 pm
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Maimi Vice didn't suck.

In fact, it was quite good. I was expecting it to suck mightily.

Rather graphic with the violence, but low on explosions. Good, (though somewhat confusing) plot.

Would reccomend if you're looking for an intelligent movie.

Oh, and the Pats are wiping the field with the 'skins.
To the tune of 41-0.

Football Season! Football Season!!
- k.


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