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I have a little widget on my computer. it is a list widget. I made a list at the beginning of last year of all the things I wanted/needed to get done.
Let's visit the list. )

And with the close of that list I will begin a new one. Likely a little more sparse with the sudden influx of SCA events I'll be attending, but I guess it's good for me to have a list.

Things that will be added:
Get M'cycle running and likely sold (carry over)
Find ATV for farm
Get dental fixed (pseudo carry-over)
Firearms class - Get FID or the like
Heavy list kit assembled and qual'd (carry over)
Haul out spare room and make functional
Events, omg the events

I'm sure more will be added as I go along.


Nov. 23rd, 2009 12:05 pm
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Was fed dinner by the pretty pretty princess? - check
Sat around sipping rum with Bytcharse and Hugh until way too late? - check
Rescued Fair lady from unpleasant city? - check
Stacked firewood in penance? - check
Converted King/Queen/East Tyger to Vector? - check
Made a batch of pumpkin cookies and vaccumed the house? - check
Sent out box of stuff to Afganistan? - check

Now, for the real work...
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TunaCanCar aquired. check. (so this is what it's like to have brakes...)

Cow is moved to weekend grazing grounds.

TunaCanCar packed. check. (small, but surprisingly spacious.)

List checked off. check.

Graduation cards signed. check.

Checks inserted. check.

Paperwork packed for weekend. Check.

Now all that's left is Dishes and a shower.
Maybe vaccuming if I'm feeling productive.

And for those wondering what, exactly, a TunaCanCar is, see:

I'm off! Wonder Eventing Powers, Activate!
- k.

Dishes Done!
Vacuming done!
Shower done!
Bonus Level- bottles and cans returned! +$3!

and now, we're off!


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