Dec. 1st, 2008 04:08 pm
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I has a hat.
I has a dog.

I has Photoshop.

Awesomeness ensues.

End result: I has a dog in a hat.

- K.
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The trip out to Rohan went very well.

Wednesday night, we went over to the Palace for a impromptu dinner party for the guy who never came home. We raised a glass in his name, and lamented his sad state of working over the holidays.
There was Norwegain Goat Cheese for all.

Thursday morning saw Citgo and I stuff a weekend's worth of stuff into the car and take off for Rohan at about 8 am.
Well, ok, 9 am.
To make dinner at 1 pm.
In Williamstown.
In a snowstorm.
We made it all in one piece, and food was had. This year marked a change for us, as the family went out for Thanksgiving dinner.
Mom was not satisfied, (especially at the great lack of leftovers,) so we had a second Thanksgivingses on Friday, (with just the family.) We made half a German Chocolate Cake for Citgo, as the 26th was his birthday, and he graciously accompanied me out to visit my family, on his birthday. The other half of the cake is a long story. (It only periferally involves BruNO.)

Friday was picture day, so us kids got dressed up and tormented each other in front of the camera. It was fun.

Saturday had us meeting up with some old friends from high school for lunch so I could get in the yearly gossip.
My best friend from elementary school got hitched in July. Doesn't seem that long ago we were sitting in her folks house, trying to get each other to snorf milk out our noses.

After lunch, Citgo and I meandered back to my folks house, were laden down with, (you guessed it,) leftovers, and we trudged home for a quiet evening on the couch.

Yesterday dawned, and with it brought a "surprise" brunch for Citgo, with his folks and the Acton/Summerville clan in attendance at The Living Room in downtown Boston. It was a really good brunch, with many of us trying the poached eggs over crab cakes (which I'd highly recommend.)
The chefs presented Citgo with a menu specialty - the Deep Fried Cheesecake, which I was able to sample, and.... wow! You could make a meal on that alone.

Afterwards, the company tried to go take him on a tour of Fenway, but most had to leave before the next tour time (at 3.) So we went to Game On!, had a beer and watched part of the miserable Pats game. At three, we parted ways from the group and Citgo and I went and got a short tour of Fenway Park (shortened because of construction.) It's fun to go on tours, even ones you've been on before. It's like watching re-runs of the history channel.

After the tour, we stopped at the Cask & Flagon for a beer and to just chat for a while. It was good, because while we spend a good amount of time together, it's usually very, very hectic, with things that need doing and people who need visiting. We have very little time to just be around each other without half a dozen other obligations clouding our schedule.

From the Cask, we caught a train back up to Gov't Center, puddled around Fanueil for a bit, and wound up popping into the Green Dragon for a brew and some chowder before going home. (They have very good chowder.)

A very good time was had by all.
Now I need nap.

- k.


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