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I had a dream last night. )

a dream...

Oct. 26th, 2006 09:54 am
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no more pie before bed. )


Aug. 2nd, 2006 10:30 am
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I had the most fucked up dream...

My friends threw Citgo and I a surprise wedding because they decided it was time. (click-whirrr.)

It was a full-on geek wedding, complete with period dress, a castle, stormtroopers, and a running battle between the Scots (of the wedding party,) and Fairy, who decided to crash the party.)

All I remember clearly is shoving people into a sarrlac pit, (that looked suspiciously like it was made of pudding,) and remarking to Illustrator, who was evidently my right hand person of the moment that, "This is really very nice of you all, but I had kind of hoped that IF we had decided this day was to day come, I would have been able to make a few more decisions about the proceedings."


Just a friendly reminder that even if MickyD's is the only thing to eat at such a late hour, maybe it's better off just not eating.

- k.
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I had a dream last night that I was stuck in a highschool up on the Northshore/Boston somewhere, and I couldn't get out.
All the highschoolers were to old to really be highschoolers, (ala 90210 or some such nonsense.)

I just kept saying "I have to get to 128," but no one would give me directions.

I was getting more an more panicy, when I finally just started walking, I came to a bridge in the middle of the campus, and found all of the Chicas gathered there.
Shu_Al had a nifty cake pan in the shape of boobies, with which she was planning to make a celebratory 'new job' cake for Illustrator.
Hawkhandsaw even had the barbie-flesh colored icing with her, in a tub that looked suspiciously like dry-walling compound.
I still couldn't get out of the evil Northshore/Boston Highschool, but the Chicas were there, so I wasn't so panic'd anymore.

This dream brought to you by:
Illustrator getting a new job.
Citgo trying to move.
Xander talking about walking out of disaster zones on the OneList yesterday.
My intense dislike of the idea of living in the 'city'.
The fear of getting stuck.
The fact that everyone fears getting stuck in highschool.

I'm surprised I wasn't naked, too.

- k.


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