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Miserable headaches... pain making me sensitive to light/scents.
Taking Aleve, (proactively) not helping. Neck feels like a giant mass of rusted iron cables.
Sinuses are filled with rusty tacks. Skull wants to releave pressure, can't find a way except eyes and ears.
Must be at work this week, have to go to PR next week, and naturally everyone has crap they Must Have for that meeting. Nothing like great planning, you idiots.

In other news, I whined enough where they're getting me and the co-worker slightly bigger/beefier computers.
They also have started the process of offering me a full-time job rather than the contrating stuff I've been doing. I haven't seen any numbers yet though. So we shall see. I have a feeling they just want me perm. so they don't have to pay me the overtime for PR.

Dragon continues to run well. 13,350 miles in 6 months, and I'm still pleased as punch with my decision. Do ahve to get her washed, though.

Went camping with The Man and Mr. McWoofyPants this weekend. Was fun enough, though bloody cold, and I'm hacking up lung-frogs on top of this damn headache today.

Mehh. I just want to be home in bed. With the shades drawn.

- k.
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but sometimes they run the risk of landing in a ditch... )


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