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Onto the internet dwelling people of the East,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your help with the collection of devices for the list trees for Crown Tournament.

On Saturday, I was called into Court and given an accolade from the Ladies of the Rose for being instrumental in the function of the list trees.
I accepted the honor hesitantly, because while I am the face, the praise should not be mine alone.
For each person who helped me locate a device on OSCAR -
For each person who emailed and called and otherwise harassed a combatant into submitting their device -
For Baron Ryan, who helped me decode the blazon,
For each person who schlepped a part of the tree to the site,
For Lord Symon de Poitiers, who in a blaze of inspiration constructed a tree the week before Crown, (as we were short one,) -
For each person who's helped mount and label the devices to the backers -
And for every person who shyly admitted they didn't have a registered device, but would this do?
I thank you.

This endeavor would never succeed as well as it has without your participation.

Baroness Katarzyna Gwozdz,
known as Varju
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UPDATED 4/25 - 12:10 am.
This will float at the top of my journal until Crown.

NOTE: The device DOES NOT need to be registered to be used, (though it would be keen if it were.) The fighter just has to be able to recognize it as their symbol. If they have no graphic, but have an *idea* of a graphic, I can make it work.*

I can take almost any graphic and make it functional for this purpose. If you are, or know any of the listed, Pretty Pretty Please have them contact me NO LATER than APRIL 27th with their device at varju . gwozdz at gmail . com.

Feel free to pass this along to any concerned parties - I will update this list as frequently as possible.

Name - I have the device on file
Name - I'm converting the picture/blazon I got into a vector file so I can make it big with no loss of quality
Name - I do not have ANYTHING, and they run the grave risk of getting the dreaded Argyle Shield of Shame

The List )

*Disclaimer - I'll make a graphic that will work for Crown. Getting it passed by the College of Heralds is another matter entirely, and will be up to the individual if they choose to pursue it. I will make helpful suggestions, but I will make no claim to their pass-ability. I might make faces if you start getting all "checky pink and lime, a double headed winged caribou rampant next to a platypus pizzled resplendent".
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Since opinions on the Crown format were solicited, a few observations -

1) Personally, I'm a big fan of the round-robin style of tournament. Not only because it makes things a little less hectic to set up the heraldry trees, but because this makes it more worthwhile for fair-to-middlin' participants to come out - it's more than one and done, and I feel it serves as an excellent learning opportunity for new blood.

2) I'm biased given my fighting form of choice, but I do admire the fact that other styles are given a little room to breathe in this format.
I acknowledge that when I enter any kind of bear-pit tournament with a glaive, I'm at a recognizable disadvantage, (skill level aside,) but that is the style I choose to play with. Were I to enter a tournament that was dictated sword and shield, it would be... a learning experience. I do not begrudge the tournament format-er due to my lack of skill in the style.
I may in the future attempt to be more familiar with a variety of formats if the situation bothers me that much. (Or not participate, if I feel my lack of skill will present as danger to myself or others. (Usually more "danger to myself" - I don't want to blow out my elbow in a wonky style I've never used and will never use again, just because, thus limiting my fighting later.))

3) True, more time for people to prepare for the format shift might have been nice, but life/shit/things happen.

Of course, this is simply one opinion in a sea of many, and your mileage may vary.

I am debating cross posting this to my facebook, but I don't know that I want to be as gasoline on a fire.
- K.
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...I think I'm saved.

Last night I left work, and the sky was even still light. Ran up to Office Max, picked up laminated devices and a spindle of blank CD's. They had no 2" book rings, to my great disappointment. Ran up to Cohousing, grabbed a small handful of device blanks, chatted with people and pooches.
Then it was off to my place, to let Mr. B out, and toss some kibble at him. I shoveled down a bowl of cerial, then it was off for a speed walk around the graveyard.
(With the high clouds and bright moon, it's quite lovely in the not-so-dark.)
Put him back in the house, jumped in the car. Trotted over to Staples and forced the stockkid to climb up the ladder to fetch me as many 2" book rings as they had. (In the way that this project is going, I am 1. ONE. box short of having enough.) Flew over to Michael's to pick up a framed scroll (wow, he did a nice job) and a roll of leather lace. Toodled over to The House of Fur (Tegan and Loreen's place) as he was the closest person who'd offered to help with the assembly process. (And my flight pattern just wasn't going to bring me up to cohousing again.)
2.5 hours later, one lovely glass of rootbeer and rum, many, many furry snuggles, (they were Heppin'. Really.) We got them all done save for the last two that need rings.

Went home, walked and brushed the dog, burned the rest of the devices to CD, (I think I have duplicates of some now, ah well,) and crashed around 1.

Now, to churn and burn a ton of crap here before I take off.

But first - Tea.
Because this morning, I need tea.


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