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(Scene opens. It is dark. It's 9* out, wind chill is -20*. We are in an unheated barn, lit with 3 bare light bulbs.)
(Cue wind howling sound effect.)
(Cue cows chewing sound effect.)

Horse Chaser, (shoveling) - "Now, won't you be glad to get back to your nice warm apartment!"

Self, (shoveling) - "Sweetheart, this shit right here is predicable. It even freezes predictably. Cow + food + time always equals shit. If something happens and shit isn't the outcome, we both know something has gone terribly wrong. The book says so.
Now the type of shit I shovel regularly, it's not ever so wonderfully predictable, which means you don't know when it's going to hit the fan, you only know it will. So to speak"

Horse Chaser (pausing) - "Well, there's that. You're welcome to my shit anytime."

Self, (picking up pick axe and menacing frozen cow shit) - "You're so kind."
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In a lot of professions, you have to quote out projects, find the lowest price, and go with that.

In my line of work, generally time, not money, is of the essence. (Though really it's both.)
I'm pretty proud of the good relationships I form with my vendors, of which there's a pretty tight pool of about 4 that I use now. I like them, they like me. In the beginning of this gig, it became clear who was my go-to printer. The one who didn't blink when I ordered a 6' x 4' foam core jigsaw puzzle, who's pulled my cookies out of the fire many, many times, when the client has pulled some asinine deadline out of their collective neither regions.
So I give them cookies. Send 'em a pen. Send 'em a Christmas Card. For my Go-To Printer, I send them an Edible Arrangement every year.

Am I supposed to? Probably not. It's unethical to show favor.
However, my being able to do my job comes down to how much these people are sometimes willing to bend, so if that means throwing them a bone, I'm all over it.

Merry Christmas, you blanket-wash-fume addicted crazies. It's been another year when we haven't come to blows, and we all still like each other.

And my go-to printer is now the reason I can't run for office based on "accepted unethical gifts". ;)
- K.
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Last Christmas was a day of never ending chunk blowing suck. I know, I just checked. Those were my words.

This year, we got up, exchanged presents, and now mom is puttering with her brandy-new electric griddle. Chances are I'll get pancakes out of this deal. It's a pretty good deal.

Dad is irritated by the amount we spent on presents, but to that I say "Bahh!" I have a job that allows me to get things they want/need, damnit, so I'm going to.

There's a great sense of sorrowful releaf, so different from the acute grief of last year. Last year was a time of shock, reaction and intense loss.

This year, this time around, it's so very... relaxing. A strange thing to say, true, but that selfish part of me thinks "Well, at least now I get to hang out with my mom". My mom, whom I've missed very much these past holidays, gets to stay home, in her jammies, and just be. She can make us pancakes if she wants to, or just watch the food network if she wants. She doesn't have to be at anyone's beck and call.
It's fabulous. I've missed my mom.

So I guess, things aren't that bad. I mean, they are, but they're different. Mellower. Still a bucket of suck, but not soul-wrenching, mind blowing suck. Manageable suck.

I smell pancakes and blueberry sauce.
I have to go get reacquainted with my mother now.

I hope you all have a wonderfully peaceful holiday.
With hugs and love,
- k.

5 Boxes

Dec. 14th, 2005 11:39 am
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Some of you may remember that last year I organized the great Orphan Gift Drive for the Italian children's home through the place I worked. It was a resounding success, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping me out in giving children the much needed clothes, toys, and toiletries they needed.

This year, I'm shifting my attention, as life has demanded.

A very dear freind of mine is currently deployed in Afganistan. I know he is well taken care of - My family regularly sends him boxes of goodies and clothes and things. But there are many soldier who are not as well cared for from afar.

That's where enters the picture.

I'm going to be filling these 5 boxes with things that the deployed have requested - Usually not expensive things - and be sending them off to 5 random people. If anyone wants to help, I'll be more than happy to co-ordinate. The nice thing about this is that there is no hard and fast deadline - They can use this stuff the week, even month after christmas as much as they can at christmas - though I'm going to say that I'll be sending them out the thursday after christmas. I will be including a personal note in each box for those who want to contribute to sign.

Again, this is an open invite. I understand things are tight this year. If you need more info, feel free to contact me.

- K.


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