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Now, I've considered the practical side of living out of my car, but in my case, it would be a lifestyle choice, not a necessity. But then I remember that I really am a Taurus at heart, and though I can live without them, I do enjoy creature comforts.
Like, you know, plumbing.

Dude, sweet Vanagon...
- K.
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Left friday night for the great state of ME. )
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Took Mr. Dog out, and we wound up going for a very long walk last night. Beautiful weather for it - we found a network of 4 wheeler trails up behind the graveyard that must run (I suspect) all the way up to Tufts.

Over hill and dale, up hills over the mud, it was great fun. Mr. McWPs seems to have a good (exhausting!) time, as he put himself to bed while I was taking a shower after we got back.

The weather has been wonderful, if almost on a touch too warm side. I'm a big fan of 65, what can I say.
After we got back, I gave Mr Dog a good brushing, and discovered that there must be a pretty active deer population up there in the back, because for the first time since we moved in, I wound up plucking 5 deer ticks out of his fur (luckily, before they dug in,) and found 1 entrepid explorer trying to make his way up my pant leg (prompting the scalding shower.)

Going to have to get some dog-safe tick spray. Mr. Dog is vaccinated/parasitic-ed to the gills, but I just don't like the idea of things sucking the blood out of him.

Took the car into the shop this morning. Come to find out, the old place had been leading me on, and I don't need to take it in until it says 15% oil life, or a letter (A,B,C) comes up on the service minder screen.
This place even vaccumed the front and gave it a quick wash for me. So for $70, an oil change, tire rotation, belts and fluids checked, and a quickie cleaning. Win!

Got out another round of wedding proofs last night before I left work, Got a 1/2 hour of translations done for work after I got home (while watching Antiques Roadshow.) Must work on the Dance company job tonight.
After this, I think I'm going to take another break from freelancing, unless there's a decent amount of money to be made by it.

Anyway, now, for the real work.
- K.
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A number of years ago, I was commuting back and forth, shuffling between Rohan, Worcester, Waltham and Acton. It was essentially a round trip of MA every week. It was exhausting.
On those rides, I'd see cars. Lots of cars, as I was on the Pike at least once, if not twice a week. The ones that struck me were the dark, shiny cars, with the dark tinted windows, usually with the "Livery" plates.
How much fun it must be, I'd think, to have someone to drive for you. As much as I love driving, at that point it had gotten old. How cool it must be to be important enough that you get driven. How sophisticated, how important. When you've "made it" you get to ride in the Big Black Important cars.

Tonight, I saw a marching band, in all their splended red and white glory, on a football field under the lights at a local town. I didn't get to see much of them, as we were stopped at a red light, but it made me think back to marching band days, (or in my case, Honor Guard days. I carried the big heavy spear-tipped MA state flag. Fabulous Dan got the US Flag, Tabor got the HVHS Flag.) Back in those days, Important Cars were almost never seen, and usually when they were, it was the unmarked statey's car. I guess that was where the concept of important people in important cars got impedded in my brain.

A very nice man, whose name I didn't catch, and who's english was not so good, drove me home tonight in a big black shiny car with tinted windows. I saw that marching band from the back, sitting on the shiny black leather seats.
And I thought to myself, what would the old me think of me now? Being driven, a big important person in a big important car. Who'd have thought I'd be in a big important car?
Part of me was tickled that I'd spited the devil who told me I'd never make it, but part of me was more than a little melancholy.

I'm am not a Big Important Person, and the mystique of the Big Important Cars are gone.
They are just people. More often than not, exhausted people who just want to go home. They don't do important things, like feed starving children or comfort the dieing or develop life-saving vaccines. They are sales people and project managers and designers who screw up product projections and display projects. They are nervous and tired and burnt out.

They are in the Big Black Important Cars because they have to be.

- k.
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Which is when the Cow get "inspected"
(ie "rejected")

What are people's thoughts on the Honda Element?
Good, bad, ugly?

Thinking about a certified pre-owned job.
I do not like the Scion Box because it's way too low to the ground.

- k.


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