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Hi folks. This is your 2 month out reminder that if you are fighting in Crown, you are expected to bring your device for the heraldry trees.
If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me directly.

Baroness Katarzyna Gwozdz,
known as Varju,
Jongleur Herald.
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Oh hey, hi September.
General update:

• Red has recovered from the flopsies, and is enjoying the cooler weather. He's healthy an happy. Doesn't like thunderstorms.

• Landlord is replacing our front door so that I don't have snow drifts *in* the house this winter. Happy about the heat savings, concerned I'll never be able to get my couch out if I move.

• Brother is still living with me.

• Looking for a house, I think, but with no great urgency. I'll know it when I see it.

• Work is work is work. Meh. Pays the bills. Clients acting tolerably since my vacation.

• I alternate between wanting to be be more involved in the SCA, and wanting to throw up my hands and walk away outright.

• Tussled with a Whitemarked Tussock Moth Caterpillar over the weekend, which has resulted in a hell of an allergic reaction. Interesting rash on my neck and shoulder. Wicked itchy. Do not snuggle the furry caterpillar.

• Made up peach and blueberry jam, and a batch of pickles. Time for applesauce soon. And pie. Oh pie.

• At this point, I'm looking at 4 more events this year: Coronation, Crown, 100 Min War and Bergamountian Yule. Anything else is gravy.

• Would like to get to a September Sox game, not betting on it.

• Thyroid issues have suddenly popped up in my family. A little concerned.
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Went to see a piece of property yesterday.
It was so, so sad that I felt sick and needed to leave.

2 acre property was heavily over grown.
Outbuildings listed on the 2001 MACRIS report had been demolished, including the historically significant icehouse, which had it's own listing.
Roof had been let to rot on both the main house and the kitchen ell, resulting in plaster failure in the main house.
Chimney seen in listing picture of the main house had collapsed and was no longer visible above the roof line.
Sill was rotten on the northwest side of the main house.
Baseboards had been stripped out of house. Pipes and mechanicals had been stripped out of property.
Electrical was theoretically underground, to a smashed box. Water was turned off to the road, but theoretically there. New 4 bedroom septic had been installed, but never tied to the house.
Large multi-pane kitchen windows had largely fallen out of sills and the glass panes were on the ground. Kitchen ell was stripped of siding and insulation. Kitchen ell's dormers had been pulled off and the resulting holes covered with OSB, which had failed, which had been covered with blue tarps, which had failed, resulting in the interior being exposed to the elements. The floor of the upper half story of the ell had partially collapsed into the first floor that had partially collapsed into the basement.

The bones of the main house are there, strong and tight. But that's all that is really left. The current owner, a "contractor", had bought it at the height of the market and then readily admits he neglected it and left it to ruin while he was busy with other projects. If he'd just slapped a cheap roof on it, something more than a blue tarp, most of the damage wouldn't have occurred. Even he said that three years ago it was liveable.
Now it's only a home to mildew and field mice.

Such a shame to see what was once a nice home neglected to the point of failure.
Fascinating that New England will retake what is hers in such short order.
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Hey look. Pennsic's like, Next Week.



Jul. 3rd, 2013 11:13 am
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I can check another Amendment off the list of things I can politely discuss with my brother.

a) I have no idea where the fuck he came from, because he certainly didn't grow up in the same house I did,
b) If he gets his ass harassed by the cops in Boston "defending his 4th amendment rights" tomorrow, I'm going to laugh unkindly. Because seriously? Walking into a city that was supposed to be bombed on the 4th and expecting *Not* to be searched? And bringing this up to someone who was actively running from the bombs on 4/19? Are you that imbecilic?
Sure, it's going to be one of the safest place to be, likely. I hope they search you. I hope they search every bloody person who sets foot near the Esplanade. I hope they seize backpacks, because everyone's been told point-blank not to bring them.

I hope nothing happens because I don't want to explain it to Mom.

Self absorbed entitled prick.
Have whatever you think is a good time. Don't call me for bail.


Jun. 26th, 2013 09:08 pm
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It seems that torturing Red has helped. He was up and playing with his crinkly mylar ball at 2 am last night.
a) Pill poppers are awesome and totally worth the $5.
b) He prefers beef flavored squishy food.
c) He's showing interest and eating his kibble again.
d) He decided he wanted 5 am lovin's again and not so delicately placed himself on my bed for them. Which is fine, because he made it *on* the bed and didn't plow into the *side* of the bed.

He's still not 100% - balance is still wonky, and he's still putting himself in his cat carrier of his own volition. He still sneezes and falls over.
But I can live with a floppy cat.
For now, I can relax a little.
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Red is not well, and is at Tufts where I'm sure they are going to promise to fix him for a fee.
They already started to throw around numbers with lots of 0's.
I feel ill.

The visceral reaction I've had to it all - and the cool, paced, unemotional recount of the medical history and dates and medication names - it came back easy. So easy.
And I'm sitting in the parking lot shaking because NO. I do NOT want to do this again. I know I'm pretty good at it. I know I can manage difficult animal medical situations. But FUCK IT ALL.


That is all.
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Oh, my young, opinionated sibling.
I hope you never have the misfortune to fall in love with the "wrong" person.

Or maybe I do.
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Somer Draw was actually quite nice, weather wise. Rain cleared off, and the site drained quite nicely.
I was frustrated by the day, for a few reasons, most of which are with myself.
Also, I think I really want a closed faced helm. I'm an expressive person, and too many people are reading too much into my expressions lately.
No, that look had nothing to do with how hard you were hitting me, but because I was getting stabbed in the face with a spear, which at the best of times is not a pleasant experience for me. Pressing me about the incident, which happened more than 30 seconds ago, is going to get you a blank look, because I honestly don't remember the details of it. And continuing to press the issue further is just going to irritate me, because now it's just feeling a little condecending, ok?
Anyway. I'm going to go put my headache to bed now.


Jun. 7th, 2013 01:00 pm
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Due to Red's No Good Adventure in the Closet, I've been forced to address my bedroom closet, and hopefully make it a more useful space. To this end, I'm getting rid of a lot of crap, and moving stuff around. Soon I'll have a spiffy new duel-bookshelf/mantle for my fakey fireplace, and more stuff can move.

Any useful stuff I'll post up to FB and try to unload it to people who can use it, but posting pictures here is a PiTA, sorry. :( (plus, I want it GONE, and traffic here is very light.)

Tomorrow is Somer Draw, and it promises to be soggy. First melee of the season for me. Ought to be interesting. I'm feeling a little apathetic about fighting these days - ironically, just as my new helmet and new gauntlets, both of which were a hefty financial commitment, are almost done. The more I navigate the social pools these days, the more I dislike dealing with the politics and social issues. The draw of other things right now is strong.
I know once I get there, I'll have a good time.

Red The Cat is still not a dog, though he has been adopting some distinctly dog-like qualities. Follows me around the house, and now will lay on his back, all four paws in the air (al la a dog's submissive "belly" pose) so I can brush his belly. He's very good and not at all cat-trappy.

Pre-reg in for Pennsic. Making it a shorter trip this year, with time tacked on the front and back end to be spent at the folk's.

Still debating the antique cape in Worcester. I was talking to a coworker, one who I get along with very well and doesn't pull punches. "I'm just really afraid of buying it and getting in over my head - something's going to go horribly wrong and I'm not going to be able to afford to fix it," I said to him. "(Kragore)," he said, "we're all feeling that right now. But sometimes you just have to jump into the pool."

Car still running fine. Still healthy. Still employed. Carry on.
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wtf rollercoster emotions you're drunk go home.


Apr. 1st, 2013 12:37 pm
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(de)Coronation, 4/5-7
Balfar's, 4/13
Crown, 4/26-28
Roses, 5/25
Pennsic, 7/24-7/31

I'm not planning anything else right now. I was talking to my sister yesterday - There's many aspects to the farm she and the boyfriend are going to need help with if my Father allows them to start working on the decomposing infrastructure. I can't make any commitments when I could get a "hey, sun's out and we need to put hay in" or "guess what, we're building a shed" phone call.
All other SCA events will be on a case by case basis.
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Greetings! In one month, we shall be celebrating the Spring Crown Tournament in the fair Crown Province of Ostgardr.
Again, the device trees shall be in use. It is requested at that all fighting participants bring their device to be displayed upon the trees. Instructions for their construction can be found at this link. There have been some fabulous examples brought in the past, and I really encourage your creativity. (As long as it hangs and fits in the space outlined in the link.)

If you do not bring a device to be displayed, I will have the Chalkboard Shields of Shame and pink glitter chalk with me.
Please don't give me a reason to use the pink glitter chalk.


Mar. 11th, 2013 01:38 pm
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Overdid it yesterday, and thumb/hand is grumbling at me today.
But I did start to learn how to throw a left hand sabre shot. I think that was Shiro's bemused face.
Swelling is down noticeably, bruising is now a lovely light shade of zombie green. Still very stiff, trying to give it exercises every day.
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• cat things done (bubbler refreshed, kibble applied, box cleaned)
• dishes done (wram water feels good on hand, even if I still have little use of the right thumb)
• bed made
• vacuumed the house
• cable cable in bedroom investigated by pulling the plate off the wall - put it all backed and tucked the cable behind the radiator. I can't remove it without cutting it off.
• breakfast et - did not take out rage on mouth breathers at next table over though they dearly deserved it.
• Shower
• Tea
• Girlscout Cookies
• Hedge book
• baked King's cakes (let me tell you how much that sucked single thumbed.)
• Hot Cocoa.
• and scrolling the intertubes for the Red's amusement.

Well, shit.

Mar. 7th, 2013 01:55 pm
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So yea. Dislocated my right thumb Tuesday night. The guy who would be my knight was the one on the throwing end. Awkward. But made better by this being someone I trust, so my brain much more easily accepted this is an accident.
Instinctively slid it back myself, so no hospital trip. Yay. That sucked. There was cursing and kicking the wall a few times. I likely made a bit of a scene, and for that I'm mildly ashamed. Doesn't jive with my normally taciturn self, though at that point, most of my reserve was out the window.
Flight or fight responses are funny, and holy heck I'm a flyer when there's real pain involved. Likely years of being around large animals where you don't have the luxury of laying around thinking about how much that just sucked. You get away and assess. I assessed from the corner with my back to the room.
It's good and swollen, highly limited range of motion, colorfully bruised, very, very stiff. Incidental contact right now is a shin-kicking offense. Whole arm aches up the the shoulder. Luckily, I'm a hunt-and-peck typist, and I drive an automatic, primarily with my left hand. Eating and writing are the worst, followed closely by putting on socks. Belt loops on pants are a godsend for hooking the middle finger through and pulling.
I had plans for drawing out my badge submission, cleaning and baking this weekend, but we'll see how much use I have back by then.

In other news, put in the down payment on the new helmet this morning. The 3' wide nasal was no issue, so as soon as I can put the helmet on my head, I'm going to try a 4,5 and 6" just to see where the madness should end.
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should have slowed down when you gave me the chance.
instead, i try to catch one of sir arnwolf's pole shots barehanded and eff up right thumb.
well, slowing down for the next 4-6 weeks anyway.
didn't know how long i could keep up the pace - universe answered.


Mar. 4th, 2013 03:56 pm
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So, where I'll be:
Tuesdays: Rattan Practice in Millbury (until it shifts to Berlin.)
Sundays: Rattan Practice in Berlin, unless it's a Regional, or I've had an event the day before.

3/8 - Dinner w/The Perries
3/17 - Regional
3/23 - Mudthaw
4/6 - deCoronation
4/15 - Marathon Monday! Taking it off to go see The Game this year, damnit.
4/27 - Crown
5/25 - Roses?
7/25-31(ish) - Pennsic?

With the condensed calender due to the movement of Pennsic, I'm not likely to hit GNE or NRWC, but who knows.
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This weekend,
• Vacuumed house
• Got load of kibble, litter from PetSmart. Trying the fragrance free Arm'n'Hammer Super Clumping - The scent of the UltraLast gives me a headache. Have to write to Innova - v. disappointed in quality of this bag of kibble - all crummy and looks like it was sent through a food processor. So is Red - he tells me by not hoovering the bowl.
• Did laundry.
• Got contacts ordered.
• Filled out expense reports.
• Got FB post sent out re: Lost and found from Sunday.
• Tested period Polish helmet nasal cutouts on current helmet - 1.5", no noticeable change to vision. 2", no noticeable change to vision. 3", minor change to vision, was used to it within 3 fights or so. Going to make a 4", 5" and 6" to see where the madness will stop and test them Tuesday night.
• Need to investigate how to make different gauntlets work until UberGauntlets are ready. Tip of right thumb is very angry with me today.
• Read more about hedges.
• Played w/cat.
• Made good use of Cocoa and Whiskey.

More time spent at my apartment than I've spent in the last 3 weeks. I need nesting time.
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Gauntlet guy called. Need to send him a trace of my hands.


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